For iPhone Anti-Dust Net Full Glue Edge-to-Edge Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Unique Anti-Dust Net Technology: This anti-dust tempered glass screen protector for iPhone comes with unique technology which keeps your phone dust-free. It features a metal honeycomb net layered with fiber dust-free cloth filled in the cupped part which provides maximum dust protection and prevents dust from entering into the speaker without reducing/distorting the original quality of the sound.

Superior Finish: This iPhone anti-dust glass protector comes with an extremely thin profile and superfine texture offering the utmost clarity.

Perfect Fit: Designed with complete accuracy this Full Glue, Edge-to-Edge & Bubble free screen protector for iPhone is highly durable and offers a perfect fit.

Protects and maintains the original look: Easy to install this screen protector for iPhone does not ruin the original look of the screen and also protects it from unwanted damages like scratches, fingerprints, etc. It is highly durable and offers long-term protection.

Water & Oil Repellant: This anti-smudge and easy to clean iPhone screen protector comes with a hydrophobic Nano coating and thus exhibits Oil & water repellant properties.

What's included:

DRAKON 1x iPhone Screen Protector Tempered Glass

(Easy installation kit)

1 x Micro-Fiber Screen Cleaning Cloth
1 x Alcohol Cleaning Wipe

1x Cleaning Wipe Dry and Wet

1x Dust Sticker

1x Pressure Pad



  1. Anti-Dust Net Technology
  2. Case Friendly
  3. Edge to Edge full Coverage
  4. Scratch Proof
  5. Super Sensitive Touch

Advanced Anti-dust Filter Edge-to-Edge Tempered Glass Screen Protector